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About Me

I am Polly Van Duser.  I was named after my Daddy’s mother.  I often say,  “you probably only have one Polly in your life”.   

I love my career! Professionally, I change lives. I am a recruiting executive and one of my favorite things about recruiting is I get to interview people. When I meet someone whether professionally or personally I ask them to tell me their story. In the business world, I hear about their career journey and what they are looking for professionally; if I met someone personally I may learn about their background, family, life, relationships, career and dreams. I value learning where they come from and where they are headed. 

A little about my life.   I am a lover and have a huge heart.  I believe love is love no matter what.  I am a wife, stepmom and identical twin. A couple years ago, I re-married to an incredible man (the love of my life) and have an amazing step daughter. She and her dad bring incredible joy to my life.  My husband and I love to travel, cook together and entertain.  My twin sister and I are very close. We love being twins. People always ask us what is life like as a twins? We don’t know any different. It’s been a life of “us”, sharing and always being known as a pair.  I am an Atlanta native and I love my life here. Atlanta will always be home. 

I am excited to start “Stories Connect People” and hope you will join me to hear from everyday people like you and me who have intriguing, inspiring, and compelling stories. I am bringing you stories that will inspire you, they’ll make you laugh, you’ll learn, and they might even make you cry - but above all, you will feel connected and closer to the people around you. You may see yourself in these stories, you may feel connected because you share similarities in your own journey. 


Reach out if you have a story of your own to share and Join me on Stories Connect People.


Do you find yourself with friends and family telling stories?  Do you wonder about other’s story when you meet them?  You may tell a story when getting to know someone new, to share an experience, it may be to let another person know they are not alone or maybe you just want to share a fun memory. We tell stories all the time!  

But, sometimes we are afraid to tell our story. We fear judgement, not being accepted and feeling different.  Other times we are eager to share our story. We want others to know where we come from, we want acceptance, we want to share an experience or memory or maybe we believe our story will inspire, motivate or influence someone else.

You find everyone has a story and it shapes us but doesn’t have to define us. It’s part of who we are. Like everyone else, I have a story that has shaped who I am today.

Stories bring us closer. Stories allow us to get to know someone on a deeper level.  

I love to hear people’s stories and I wanted to create my own podcast as an avenue to share them broadly with others! 

“Stories Connect People” felt like the perfect fit. 

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My Approach
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