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Polly Van Duser

When you meet someone do you wonder about their story? If you are like me you are always interested in the lives, hopes, and dreams of people. 


“Stories Connect People” podcast will bring you intriguing, inspiring, and compelling stories from people just like you and me. Stories that will inspire you, they’ll make you laugh, you’ll learn, and they might even make you cry. You may see yourself in these stories, you may feel connected because you share similarities in your own journey.  


There are rich interesting stories closer than you think. Maybe even yours!  


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If you have any suggestions, would like to be a guest or if you just have any questions

What is your story?  I’m looking for everyday people who have a special, interesting, motivating, or unique story to share with others. Your story could be about a challenge, adversity you’ve overcome, your career story, maybe you have a unique career, a unique hobby, something you do to give back, entertaining, inspiring or educational. Let’s face it - we love stories!  Who knew that there are such rich interesting stories closer than you think.  Maybe even yours!

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